Why Your Skin Has Wrinkles?


Causes of Wrinkles


One of the major signs of aging is often wrinkling of the skin. Wrinkles are creases in the skin that usually appear later in life as a result of many different factors. It often appears as a result of facial expressions and sun damage. The following is a list of major contributors to the formation of wrinkles: 


SUN EXPOSURE: Ultra violet rays are highly damaging to the skin often oxidising the skin with free radicals. This is similar to the rusting process we see in cut apples as they start to go brown. UV rays can also cause the mutation of cells and can cause skin cancer. Most importantly though in terms of wrinkles, UV  rays slow down the production of collagen (which give the skin its full look), inhibits the imune system and also slows down DNA repair mechanisms. Together, Sun damage can be said to be one of the biggest causes of skin aging and wrinkle formation.


SMOKING: it is commonly known by experts that regular smoking causes a reduced blood supply to the skin making it deficient of nutrients that are needed in the formation of healthy skin. Smoking also causes wrinkles around the upper and lower lip commonly known as "smokers lines". 



FACIAL EXPRESSIONS: it is a known fact that people who frown, smile and squint repeatedly often develop wrinkles earlier compared to those who don't. Dermatologists have shown that every time a facial expression is repeated, a groove forms under the skin. When skin is young, there is alot of elastin the the skin and it bounces back. However as skin ages, elastin content decreases and hence skin no longer has its ability to bounce back and hence wrinkles are formed. 


SKIN THICKNESS: The thickness of your skin will drastically decide the depth of your wrinkles as well as when you get them. People with thinner skin often end up with crows feet around the eyes, fine lines & wrinkles. They will usually develop wrinkles earlier than those with thicker skin. While thinner skin often means getting wrinkles earlier, thicker skinned people have the tendency to have deeper lines and wrinkles when they do develop. However the desired skin is usually thicker to prevent the early development of wrinkles. If you are medium thickness you will have a mixture of traits from both thin skin and thick skin including both shallow & deep lines. 



How We Treat Wrinkles? 


Our skin health range contains powerful potent: 

Vitamin C: which enhances the production of Collagen and is also a powerful anti oxidant preventing oxidation of your skin

Retinoids: such as Tretinoin: Retinoids are FDA approved and medically proven to increase collagen in the skin. 

Hyaluronic Acid: baby skin has high levels of Hyluronic Acid which aid in the softness, smoothness and plumpness of your skin. Hyaluronic Acid will also help hydrate your skin and is definitely a must have in any good skincare regime for anti aging. 

Salycylic Acid, Lactic Acid & Resorcinol: These 3 combine to enhance absorption of our potent active ingredients. They increase collagen production as well as resurface the skin so that your skin surface will be left smooth, young and vibrant.